What Is Mandala And How To Use Mandalas!


What Is Mandala And How To Use Mandalas!

A word mandala (from the classical Indian language of Sanskrit: lit, circle) is a religious and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, symbolizing wholeness, the universe and can be viewed as a model for the organizational formation of life itself an universal diagram that tells us of our relation to the eternal, the life that extends both behind and within our bodies and minds.

The usual mandalas form is square with 4 ports containing a circle with a center spot. Each port is in the general form of a T. Mandalas usually show radial balance.

Mandalas are used for examination persistence allowing the person meditating to match one with the universe. Only a few are able to reach this state of mind from just analyzing a mandala. The relationship behind the production of a mandala can have significant meaning for many people whether they are Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Pagan or of any other spiritual orientation. 

Mandalas can be performed by individuals to express their journeys through life. Mandalas can also tell a fantasy of where a person has been.  In some instances, they will show the individual’s path in life.  Groups can create mandalas that will show what they should be doing in order to improve and develop as a group.

How to use Mandala?

Mandala Pillow Case Bohemia

You can use mandalas in various ways. The intention of the mandala is supposed to be visually appealing so as to engage the mind in such a way that disturbing thoughts are unable to get into and a spiritual nature surrounds the individual seeing the mandala, which in turn allows the person a greater knowledge or awareness, almost as though standing hypnotized. This lets the occupied mind to take a break while the imaginative mind is allowed to run free.

So the mandala is originally used as a form of reflection to gain knowledge from within. 

Choose a mandala that attracts to you.  You should know the purpose of the mandala you have chosen or set your own application before using it for meditation. 

Once the purpose has been established, you can begin concentrating on the mandala.  Let yourself to take in the beautiful designs, allow your mind to roam.  Just like watching a light flame in candle treatment, if your mind starts to believe about the usual mundane things, just take your focus and concentration back to the beauty of the mandala.  Let the mandala engage all your attention, by falling into it and looking into the colors, float in its patterns.  As you begin to fall into the mandala, you will encounter a feeling of brightness and intuitive feelings may arise. Rest, let thoughts and feelings come to you.  Swim with it.  If you begin to feel panic, feel lost, awkward or if you start imagining about those “mundane” things again, just rest and refocus your thought back to the mandala. 

Each person feels different emotions.  But if you have a comfortable manner whilst focusing on the mandala you have certainly achieved what was expected.  You should come apart with the clarity of the intention you or the particular mandala set before the meditation.

Should I draw Mandala myself to buy already drawn?

Of course, it’s better to draw yourself but not everyone is good at drawing. Also if you want to make mandala on specific places and with special materials it may be even more difficult.

I will make another blog post about creating your own mandala but for now, I will help you to choose between already made mandalas.

And here is where MandalaHz comes in. We have a lot of awesome mandalas drawn on different products.

Mandala Yoga mats

Mandala Print Beach Mat

You don’t need to be a yoga specialist at all to use these mats. We have some really nice mandalas drawings on mats. You can take them with you whenever you want. For example, mountains, beach, park etc.

Mandala Yoga mats features:

  • Can be used as a beach towel, Yoga mat, tablecloth, and as a tapestry or a wall hanging.
  • Beautiful and antique design, easy to clean.
  • Various designs, shapes, and sizes
  • Perfect as a gift

Mandala Tapestry

Elephant Mandala Wall Hanging Decor

These are one of the best types of mandalas. They are usually large and even huge. Imagine how beautiful your living room or bedroom wall may look with mandala tapestry. Another great thing about them is that you always see them so you can rest your mind all the time.

Mandala jewelry, stickers, bedding sets, phone cases and more…

Amazing Mandala Waterproof Temporary

You can take jewelry everywhere with you. We have wonderful mandala necklaces and bracelets. Also, the stickers and phone cases can always be with you. 

Welcome to our store and hope you will find a mandala you can call yours.

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