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How to Draw a Mandala?

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Mandalas are beautiful circular designs. Along with their aesthetic worth, these circles are valued for their spiritual and personal meaning. It can be fun to color a mandala, but drawing your very own could be an exercise in spiritual reflection.

Even if you don’t buy into the spiritual meaning of these designs, drawing your own mandala could be a very relaxing and motivating personal activity. Read on below to find out how you can create your own:

How to Draw a Mandala

1. Understand the Mandala

In order to make a mandala of your own, you should know how it is generally constructed. The word ‘mandala’ has Sanskrit origins and simply means ‘circle.’ Mandalas usually have one focal point in their very center. From this point come all the shapes, designs, and patterns that come from the mind of the maker.

You can design your mandalas with geometric shapes or organic ones. They could contain anything that has some meaning for you. They essentially symbolize the connection between the inner self and the reality of the world.

2. Gathering the Materials

All you need to create your own mandala is a paper, a ruler, an eraser, and a pencil. You can use a black pen, later on, to trace over the pencil lines and create a thicker, starker outline. A compass or several round jar lids would help you out too.

If you mean to color your mandala, which is recommended as a very therapeutic activity, have some colors handy. These could be oil paints, oil pastels, coloring pencils, watercolor paints, etc. If you’re into embroidery, a mandala could be a beautiful design for a piece of fabric as well.

3. Draw the Mandala Blank

First, make sure your paper, canvas, or fabric is a perfect square. You can mark out a square space on a larger base as well. If you’re a complete beginner, use a largish square. Use the ruler and pencil to put a dot in the exact center of the square.

How to draw a mandala

4. Circling

Next, start drawing circles around the middle dot. A compass or varying sizes of jar lids could help you achieve perfect circles. If you have either, use the ruler to mark equidistant dots from your center mark. The dots should circle the center. You can then join them to make your near-perfect circle. Do the same thing to draw circles further away from the center.

Also, draw lines intersecting the circle at equidistant points. Now you have several sections to fill in.

How to draw a beautiful mandala

5. Free Drawing

You can fill these sections with any pattern or symbols you like. Pres your pencil lightly so that any changes are easy to make. Finally, you can start coloring as you see fit.

How to draw a beautiful mandala


Drawing and coloring mandalas are understood to be a valuable stress-relieving pastime. While drawing, you may be able to find out new things about yourself and your innermost desires. A mandala could also symbolize something you want to achieve, like organization, balance, or symmetry. Even if it doesn’t do any of these for you, it would still be a beautiful thing to create and color as you desire.

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