The Fascinating Meaning of Mandala Tattoos

The Fascinating Meaning of Mandala Tattoos

‘Mandala’ is derived from ancient Sanskrit, and generally simply means ‘circle’. However, if you’ve ever seen a mandala, you’d know that it’s much more than just a shape. In fact, they have a deep and mystical meaning in the ancient religions.

Having a mandala tattoo could enable one to express several aspects of their identity. If you ever notice such a tattoo, remember that it may have the following meanings:

1. The Aesthetics:

Circles are present all around us in nature. Flowers, raindrops, and rainbows are only a few examples. Hence, a mandala tattoo could be sported simply for the way it symbolized nature; a beautiful and fractal pattern. It could also be a signal towards larger or more basic building blocks of our universe, such as planets, the atom structure, etc.

2. Meditation:

Since a sphere or circle is so perfect and never-ending, a mandala also serves as a tool for meditation. In this way, the artist or even a monk would have a point of concentration, which is the circle’s center. They would also be able to ponder upon all the things that could fill up the circle yet gravitate to this inner point to find harmony and balance.

3. Impermanence:

In the religion of Buddhism, some monks practice the ritual of drawing mandalas in the sand, colored rice, or powder. This practice could take hours or even days and is erased within seconds. In this manner, the monk is taught about the impermanence of this life, this world, and all that is in it.

4. Life Cycle:

A mandala could also be used to represent the existence of humankind. With the center, the mandala symbolizes the inner human consciousness. The designs and patterns all come together to represent the motives, events, actions, and thoughts surrounding a human being.

Hence, a mandala tattoo could very well mean that the individual is essentially the center of his or her own existence. Whatever he or she does is focused back on themselves. This could be taken to mean karma, self-awareness, or any such concept.

5. According to Color:

Mandala tattoos may also have a meaning depending on which color they are or which hues they contain. We’ll take a look at some of the colors so that it’s easier to understand what they might mean:

  • Red symbolizes strength and passion. A person bearing this color in their mandala may be trying to fight against their inherent laziness or expressing their vigor.
  • Black in mandalas symbolizes reflection. Perhaps the person with this color in their mandala needs some time to ponder redirection or a refocusing of their life.
  • Green is the universal symbol of nature and growth. One could express their love for the earth through this color
  • Violet is a color symbolizing wonder, childish curiosity, and fulfillment. A person trying to recapture the joys of their children may want such a hue in their mandala.


Needless to say, a mandala is more than just a pretty shape or design. They’re wonderful to look at and can have a very deep significance as well.

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