Mandala Bedding

Mandala Bedding, Mandala cushion cover, Mandala bedding set

Mandala Bedding

In this blog post, you will learn all about Mandala bedding. Most of you already know what’s Mandala bedding but I will start with a short introduction for those who don’t.

Mandala bedding is bedding with mandala designs. Mandala is a geometric pattern describing the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. According to Buddhist manuscript, mandalas (geometric figures representative of the universe) created from sand transmit positive forces to the environment and to the people who see them.

Mandala Bedding Set

When you pair bedding with mandalas you get a bedding set that represents wholeness and can be viewed as a form for the organizational formation of life itself – a universal diagram that reminds us of our relation to the eternal, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds.

Mandala Bedding Styles

In Mandala bedding category we like to include Bohemian (Boho) bedding, Dreamcatcher bedding, Elephant bedding, and other animal print bedding.

Bohemian Elephant Mandala Bedding looks very luxury and elegant. Elephants are greatly recognizable and have been highlighted in art, myth, theology, literature and popular culture. Here, elephants express strength, power, stability, longevity, courage, leadership, sociability, nurturance and loyalty.

Mandala Elephant Bedding

Dreamcatcher Bedding looks very deluxe and superior. You no longer demand to hang a dream catcher above your bed, with dreamcatcher bedding set your dreams will be good. Dreamcatcher bedding has a mixture of different patterns, symbols, and colors to create your dreams more colorful. Happy dreams move through the hole into the sleeper’s head, while the bad ones are grabbed inside the dreamcatcher forever.

Mandala Dreamcatcher bedding

Mandala Animal Print Bedding can include various animals including mandala designs. Most popular are elephants, turtles, scorpions, and dolphins.

Mandala Animal Bedding

Bohemian Turtles Bedding also looks very luxury and sophisticated. Turtle symbolizes auspicious and long life, it is the real thing in the memories of people. Turtles design will add richness to your bedroom.

Gold Scorpion Mandala Bedding looks very luxury and fancy. Scorpion is a poisonous and deadly animal, a golden scorpion with the bohemian environment makes it looks magnificent and exotic.

Where to Buy Mandala Bedding

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