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Mandala Tapestry Meaning

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According to many philosophers and psychologists including Socrates, Plato, and Jung, introspection is the key to epistemology. Mandala tapestry is the perfect symbol to show that process of introspection. The literal meaning of the word ‘mandala’ (from Sanskrit) is ‘a circle.’ The symbol is used in many religions and cultures such as Hinduism and Buddhism. A mandala is a circular diagram, filled with several shapes and varieties of patterns to represent the universe.

It features a classical design, providing us with spiritual and historical knowledge. The diagram further emphasizes the process of getting to know yourself and finding contentment. The mandala tapestry believes in giving you all the power and providing you with the opportunity and confidence to direct your own life.

Historical and Spiritual Meaning

The purpose of a mandala tapestry is to free your mind of all negativity and to allow yourself to be gratified all on your own. It is used for meditation by allowing you to get to know yourself from within. It works to remove all your corrupt thoughts and feelings and creates a spiritual shield that prevents them from entering your mind, cleaning your mind from the inside out.

The mandala tapestry includes a variety of colors, each representing different things and provoking unique feelings.

  • The red color, with all its intensity, characterizes drive, power, desire, and passion.
  • Pink is the color of love. It also signifies the feminine feelings of objects along with intuition.
  • The blue represents inner peace and contentment. It also shows emotional healing and meditation.
  • Black, which is usually perceived as a negative color, has a positive meaning in the mandala tapestry. It signifies mystery, deep thoughts and individuality.
  • Orange shows creativity, renovation, and self-awareness along with intuition.
  • The purple in mandala highlights all things spiritual.
  • Yellow, the color of the sun, is considered a happy color, signifying laughter, wisdom, and learning.
  • Green highlights the love of nature, caring abilities, psychic skills and physical healing.

The mandala tapestry also includes several symbols, each comprising of different meanings. It includes a tree of life, different kinds of animals, a labyrinth, a sun, hearts, and flowers. All these symbols are combined and crossed over to invent new meanings and create different ideas.

Modern Uses of a Mandala Tapestry

Although it is used for meditation, you can use it in multiple ways to suit your needs. As the design is graphics, captivating and eye-catching, it can make a great addition to your life.

A mandala tapestry can make your living room stand out when using it as a curtain. The bright colors and unique shapes will create a relaxing effect as natural light passes through it. It may also be used as a bedspread, giving your bedroom a bold new look.

It can also change the appearance of your walls if you use it as a wallpaper. Not only will your guests have a piece of art to look at, but it will also work its magic and create a soothing environment. Its abilities do not only end with using it on walls; the tapestry can also be used as a tablecloth. Therefore, it can improve your mood while having dinner.

Final Words

Modernizing historic effects and using them in innovative new ways not only honors the culture they come from but also passes knowledge and creates awareness about these artifacts. Therefore, getting a mandala tapestry will be beneficial for you and your social circle.

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